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How we can help


Our design associates can help you to:

  • Design a layout and furniture that maximises the productivity of your staff (by understanding your workflows)
  • Minimise your space and rent (through clever space-maximising design)
  • Improve health and air quality (by eliminating toxins and using pollution-eating plants)
  • Create a stimulating and inspiring workplace
  • Minimise your environmental impact (with remade furniture, energy efficient lighting, waste reduction, etc)
  • Calculate your greenhouse gas emissions footprint and savings

 Installation & maintenance

We offer a complete installation service so you end up with the best possible finished office – all for one lump sum price if you prefer.

Because our furniture is designed for remanufacture or has been remade by us, we can maintain and repair it at a lower cost than maintaining conventional furniture.

Our maintenance extends the life of your furniture, saving you money on replacement furniture and increasing its value when we buy it back from you.

 Buy or lease

If you buy from us, our office furniture comes with a guaranteed buy-back and warranty.

Leasing from us, at competitive rates, reduces your up-front cost.

You can also decrease your furniture as well as increase it. If your office shrinks, we can take back unneeded furniture. This is the flexible option if you are not sure about your future office size.

Cost saving summary:

  • Improved staff productivity
  • Reduced rent (through more efficient use of space)
  • Reduced sick days
  • Greater staff attraction and retention

Cost saving summary:

  • No cost over-runs (with lump sum price)
  • No hidden costs or contingencies (with lump sum price)
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Longer furniture life (avoided cost of replacement)
  • Increased buy-back value

Cost saving summary:

  • Reduced up-front cost (through leasing)
  • Avoided repair costs while under warranty
  • Guaranteed buy-back (if buy)