At Rype Office we’re enthusiasts for the concept of the circular office – we believe that workspaces can be greener and cheaper without compromising on quality and beauty. When we’re designing offices we love to work with circular office suppliers who share our values and whose products complement our remanufactured furniture.

Here are five recommended suppliers for a sustainable, circular office…


1) Ricoh – for printers, photocopiers, IT services and more

The Japanese electronics and imaging company is recognised as a global leader in sustainability, winning multiple awards for its responsible social and environmental approach. Ricoh defines the ideal sustainable society as one that satisfactorily maintains the Three Ps Balance – Prosperity (economic activities), People (society) and Planet (environment). In 1994, Ricoh developed the ground-breaking Comet Circle which is the basis for their circular business model.


2) Interface – for carpet tiles and flooring

The world’s largest carpet tile company is also a world leader on environmental issues. Interface was the first global flooring manufacturer to declare that all of its products – including all carpet tile and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) – are carbon neutral across the entire product lifecycle. Recent initiatives include paying fishing villagers to clear coral reefs of discarded fishing nets, which are then recycled into carpet tiles, and carbon storing carpet tiles.


3) Greenstream Flooring – for reclaimed carpet tiles

Social enterprise Greenstream Flooring collects, supplies and fits reclaimed carpet tiles – reducing waste to landfill while offering great cost savings as well as sustainability. Greenstream Flooring employs and trains long term unemployed in its operations, as well as distributing carpet tiles to low income households without flooring.


4) Armstrong Ceiling Solutions – for ceilings

A pioneer of the circular economy, The Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program is the first and longest running program in the industry:

Since its inception in 1999, we have recycled over 200 million square feet of used ceiling tiles. The program is simple. We take back old ceiling tiles and upcycle them into new ceiling tiles saving over 1 million tons of virgin raw materials, and diverting over 5,000 football fields of ceilings from landfills.

5) Paint 360 – for paint

Paint 360 collects waste paint from hazardous waste management companies, councils and contractors, and re-engineers it back into new paint. One litre of their paint saves enough embedded carbon to drive a transit van five miles carbon free. They are committed to engaging young long term unemployed and were winners of Virgin Voom Impact Award 2016. Paint360 are not just leading circular office suppliers, they are also innovating with paints to reduce mould.

At Rype Office we use scientific principles and remanufacturing to create beautiful offices that are cheaper, greener and better.

We call it the science of beautiful offices: read about how our offices have half the cost and a third of the environmental impact of a standard refit here.