Cheap office desks no longer involve compromises in appearance, style or colour. Thanks to advancements in refurbishment and remanufacturing, those on a tight budget can now enjoy high quality, ergonomic desks from brand name manufacturers. Circular economy pioneers like Rype Office have transformed the office furniture market to make it easy for any organisation to access cheap office desks (and other office furniture) that have been refreshed and remade. They help with office layout design (at no charge), source furniture, remake and install it. Rype Office offers three quality grades of remade furniture to choose from, so buyers know exactly what they are getting. For example, recent projects have used refurbished and remade desks by Herman Miller, Vitra, Ahrend, Misura and Senator, as shown here and on the Rype Office Projects page. To remanufacture these, Rype Office took good condition frames from no-longer-needed batches of desks, checked and resurfaced them where necessary and made new tops for them in the timber finish and colour desired by the client. This remanufacturing process creates cheap office desks that are as-new in  appearance and performance. For more on the process see What is Remanufactured Office Furniture? The field of remanufacturing has developed rapidly and now most brand name photocopiers see 7 or 8 lives (you probably have one in your office). Caterpillar’s remanufactured engines are trusted by the UK Department of Defence in conflict arenas. For even greater cost savings, Rype Office refurbishes desks by cleaning and repairing good condition frames and tops. This has helped many clients have been able to refresh their existing desks, avoiding the cost of purchasing and installing additional desks, as well as transporting and disposing of the old ones. The environmental benefits from refurbishing and remanufacturing are substantial – see Sustainable Office Furniture. Cheap office desks no longer require compromise.   ABOUT THE AUTHORS Rype Office makes it easy to purchase great value, high quality, sustainable furniture. It offers design assistance and sustainable office furniture options, especially refurbished and remanufactured items.   You may also be interested in: How to Save Money on an Office Move
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