Cheap office furniture no longer involves compromise in comfort, style or colour. Thanks to advancements in refurbishment and remanufacturing, those on a tight budget can now enjoy high quality, ergonomic furniture from brand name manufacturers.

Circular economy pioneers like Rype Office have transformed the office furniture market to make it easy for any organisation to access cheap office furniture that has been refreshed and remade. They help with office furniture design (at no charge), source furniture, remake and install it. Rype Office offers three quality grades of remade furniture to choose from, so buyers know exactly what they are getting.

For example, the NHS recently engaged a consortium led by Rype Office to furnish its new Public Health Wales headquarters in Cardiff. 94% of the furniture installed was refurbished or remanufactured and 13% of the carpet tiles were reclaimed. Completed on time and budget, the office is a fresh collaborative space filled with high quality furniture including remanufactured Orangebox G64 desk chairs (winner of the Ergonomics Excellence award), Vitra tables, Vitra meeting chairs, Arper canteen chairs and Davison Highley bench seats. More about this project at NHS Cardiff.

The field of remanufacturing has developed rapidly and now most brand name photocopiers see 7 or 8 lives (you probably have one in your office). Caterpillar’s remanufactured engines are trusted by the UK Department of Defence in conflict arenas.

For office furniture, remanufacturing involves taking the long-life elements of an item (such as a steel frame), checking and resurfacing it, and then rebuilding the item around it with new elements (or as agreed with the client). The result looks and performs as new. For more on the process see What is Remanufactured Office Furniture?

And the environmental savings from refurbishing and remanufacturing are substantial – see Sustainable Office Furniture.

Further big cost and environmental savings occur when using reclaimed carpet tiles. Because carpet tiles in corners of rooms and under furniture see very little wear, they can be redeployed, achieving a high quality floor with big cost savings. Rype Office works with leading recycler Greenstream Flooring to source reclaimed carpet tiles that fit precisely with a client’s office design.

Cheap office furniture no longer means compromise.



Rype Office makes it easy to purchase great value, high quality, sustainable furniture. It offers design assistance and sustainable office furniture options, especially refurbished and remanufactured items.


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