Circular Office

A Circular Office is a bank of products and materials that can be redeployed over multiple lives without new users compromising on quality. This saves money and is more sustainable.

Circular Offices target the highest levels of the waste hierarchy

Reuse is the most sustainable form of waste reduction.

Refurbishment returns items to good working order, creating local skilled employment.

Remanufacturing takes the long-life elements in products (like steel frames in furniture), checks and resurfaces them, and then rebuilds the product around them. The result looks and performs as new, while reducing environmental impacts (including GHG emissions, waste, materials extraction and water use) by 80%, and creating local jobs.

Reused, refurbished and remanufactured goods cost less than those made from virgin materials, enabling organisations to afford higher quality, more stylish and heathier/more ergonomic products.

Waste Hierarchy

Circular office waste hierarchy

Circular Office Examples

UK Green Building Council, London
Low budget refurbishment with record low carbon footprint through reuse & remanufacturing of furniture and furnishings.

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Circular office UKGBC case study
Public Health Wales, Cardiff
New office fitout for 550 staff incorporating 94% reused or remanufactured furniture and 13% reclaimed carpet tiles.

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Circular office Public Health Wales case study

Circular Office Suppliers

Companies with a demonstrated track record of high quality circular office solutions that are indistinguishable from virgin new include, in the UK:






Xerox, Fuji, Kyocera, Ricoh

Rype Office

Interface, Greenstream


Clarion Communication Systems




Coffee grinds:

Paint 360


Wiles Greenworld




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