Is decarbonisation too slow in your organisation?

If you don’t already have renewable energy, LEDs, heat pumps, Circular Economy fit-outs, EVs and the latest video-conferencing to reduce staff travel, then you are moving too slowly, missing out on substantial carbon emissions savings AND cost savings.

After all, these solutions are well established, with reliable technologies and abundant uptake proving their worth. And they save money by reducing your spend on energy, travel, furniture and office fit-out/refurbishment.

So why is uptake slow for most organisations?

The Agency Problem

This is where staff are expected to act in the best interests of the organisation: reducing carbon in accordance with your management-set Net Zero Carbon targets. However, decarbonisation often not a priority for line managers because:

  1. Skills. Some carbon reduction solutions are outside of their experience and training.
  2. Time. With their other responsibilities and KPIs, they have limited time to fully research solutions, how they work, their risks, costs, and the many models and suppliers offering them. And lack of experience with the technologies means even more time is needed for a line manager to be comfortable with something new.
  3. Personal risk. If a decarbonising solution is problematic when installed, the line manager’s professional reputation and promotion prospects can be damaged because they are held responsible.
  4. Budget processes. They have to build a business case and compete for funding to implement the solutions, which is sometimes a long process that can de-prioritise emission reduction initiatives.

The Solution

Work with an independent expert, like Rype Office, to create a package of multiple carbon reduction solutions, with one combined business case for management sign-off. This can be implemented all in one project (ideally when an office is refurbished or new office fitted out) to save time and money.

What to look for when choosing a decarbonisation expert:

  • Expertise – your expert will need to have deep experience in all of the decarbonisation solutions to know the best options for your circumstances.
  • Independence – you want unbiased advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions; not a manufacturer pushing its own products.
  • Not a consultant – consultants recommend generic types of solutions so they are not accused of favouring one brand. This means they only provide half an answer, leaving the work of finding the best supplier, make and model for your circumstances and figuring out how to implement it.
  • Guaranteed performance – ensure the solutions are supported with warranties and maintenance so you are not on the hook if issues arise.
  • Financing – this should cover the cost of the solutions and your office fit-out (if you want it to), meaning that the up-front cost is zero and you start saving money (and carbon emissions) immediately.
  • Take-back – you want the hardware to be re-homed by the provider so you are not left with a lot of waste to be sent to landfill at a high financial and environmental cost. The circular economy is an essential part of decarbonisation, after all.

In short, you want a partner who shares your values and assists you on your Net Zero Carbon journey.

Rype offers all of this as standard. Call us on 033 3358 3330 or email for a friendly, no-obligation chat about how to accelerate your decarbonisation and save money.