Design and furnish

We create wonderful workspaces that are space-efficient, productive, healthy, sustainable and cost-effective.


‘Design and furnish’ means we go beyond design to source and install furniture, flooring and wall treatments – to create amenity, aesthetics and ergonomic comfort in an office. See more about how we design and our high quality furniture.

Our award-winning design team includes experts in Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Product Design, and a PhD in sustainable design.

If needed, we can help with building works, including walls, ceilings, heating, electrics and IT – using our polite and high quality building contractor partners.

How it works

We take a partnering approach with clients, where we invest time (at our expense) to create inspiring, value-for-money offices.

Here is our typical process:

  1. Meet to understand your needs and the potential of your space and existing furniture (at no cost)
  2. Do a free layout design and mood board for your review
  3. Provide costs and work with you to value engineer the design
  4. Match prices: You can compare prices and let us know if there are any prices that we need to match to ensure that you are receiving the best value for money (we have a Price Match Guarantee on a like-for-like basis)
  5. Complete the detailed design, including colours, fabrics, flooring and wall treatments/branding
  6. Deliver and install with care
  7. Collect the furniture when you no longer require it, saving on disposal costs and remanufacturing the furniture for further lives


The benefits of this design and furnish partnering approach are:

  • Cheaper – avoided design cost, guaranteed price matching, reuse of existing furniture (when remanufactured and resized), value engineering, avoided administration costs, avoided furniture disposal costs
  • Easier – brief only one design team who is also the supplier, no preparation of tender documents, no tender assessment committees, no losing tenderer complaints
  • Faster – rapid design development and value engineering with parallel processing of long lead time furniture items
  • Avoided waste – furniture is collected when no longer needed for remanufacturing
  • Integrated design – furniture, flooring and wall treatments are designed to work together to create a beautiful office

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