Our award-winning design team creates wonderful workspaces that are space-efficient, productive, healthy, sustainable and cost-effective.

Good office design improves profits by inspiring staff and improving attendance, collaboration, productivity & wellness.

We work directly with clients and support designers:

For Clients

We offer free office layouts and sustainable interior designs, integrating furniture and furnishings from all four sources, including existing items. Our award-winning team includes Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers all skilled in low carbon sustainable interiors, who create wonderful workspaces that are space-efficient, comfortable, productive and cost-effective.

For Designers

We enjoy helping Designers to bring their projects to life on budget and with quantified sustainability benefits. Our client furniture audits review clients’ existing furniture and show how it can be resized, recoloured, reupholstered and remanufactured to as-new condition, saving carbon emissions, waste and money. We can assist with sustainable alternatives for most fitout elements, including flooring, electronics and wall treatments.

We can also help with BREEAM, LEED, SKA and WELL.

How we work

We take a partnering approach with clients and designers, where we invest time to understand your needs and provide sustainable furnishing options.

Here is our typical process:

  1. Meet to understand your needs and the potential of the space and existing furniture (at no cost)
  2. Provide sustainable design assistance, including, as needed, plans, drawings, mood boards, colour palettes and 3D images 
  3. Create a budget and work with you to value engineer it
  4. Complete the detailed design
  5. Report the project’s sustainability statistics, including cost savings, carbon emissions saved, waste avoided, hours of employment for disadvantaged staff, and the provenance of items, where known

Sustainable design considerations

Our team brings a broad range of expertise, including:

Net Zero Carbon

  • Furniture redeployment
  • Circular flooring
  • Recycled fitout elements
  • Efficient lighting


  • Ergonomics
  • COVID safety
  • Plants for air quality
  • Biophilia


  • Workflows
  • Collaboration
  • Zoning
  • Noise management


  • Agile working
  • Video meetings
  • Space utilisation
  • Capacity optimisation

Attracting staff back to the office

Human-centred design is integral to staff attendance, productivity, and engagement.

We think beyond workstations to work settings – including booths, pods, innovation spaces and hybrid working areas designed for new working styles.

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