Setting up Employees for Home Working

Employers’ duty of care to home workers

Health and Safety Executive:

“For those people who are working at home on a long-term basis, the risks associated with using display screen equipment (DSE) must be controlled. This includes them doing workstation assessments at home.” (Source:


“It is the employer’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment to check whether the proposed home workplace’s ventilation, temperature, lighting, space, chair, desk and computer, or any other kind of work station, and floor are suitable for the tasks the homeworker will be asked to do. The employer is responsible for the equipment it supplies, but it is the responsibility of the employee to rectify any flaws in the home highlighted by the assessment.” (Source:—a-guide-for-employers-and-employees/pdf/Homeworking-a-guide-for-employers-and-employees.pdf)

We make it easy with a comprehensive, cost-effective & sustainable service

  • Staff DSE self-assessment
  • If significant issues, a video DSE consultation by an independent third party assessor
  • Aggregation and reporting of results
  • Sustainable furniture and IT equipment at low prices (including remanufacturing your unwanted furniture & equipment)
  • Delivery and installation
  • Asset leasing
  • PAT testing
  • Asset register
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Programmed DSE reassessments
  • End-of-employment asset recovery for redeployment or remanufacturing

Home office equipment for productivity & comfort

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