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We are looking to accelerate our growth and we welcome new investors. UK investors can benefit from a 30% tax deduction thanks to EIS.

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.

Rype remanufactures high quality used office furniture to as-new condition. Thanks to our innovative, quality-controlled engineering processes, our furniture competes directly against new but is lower cost, has 80% lower carbon emissions and creates local jobs.

What customers say about Rype

“We are very pleased with the result, at a very competitive price.”

Martin Harris


“The furniture looks great – we are very pleased.”

Malcolm Thomson

Energy Saving Trust

“We now have a beautiful office space, which uses the available area extremely effectively and which came in under budget.”

Rebecca Eastmond

Greenwood Place

“We highly recommend the services of Rype Office and shall certainly use them again.”

Kate Farmer

Pomona Capital

“Rype Office has provided high quality furniture for our offices at a very attractive price.”

Nick Yiannakis

City1st Tyres

“We are very pleased with the design and quality of the office furniture that Rype Office provided.”

Samuel McKenney

Imperial College London

We couldn’t be happier with our office refit. Rype Office provided us with invaluable advice to get the best possible use out of our space.”

Steven Goode

Shading Specialists

A bit more about us

30% of the greenhouse gases created by a commercial building over its entire lifetime are from furniture. And every year in the UK around 75,000 tonnes of office furniture goes to landfill. So we used our engineering skills and Innovate UK funding to develop remanufacturing solutions to return used office furniture to as-new condition, just like Caterpillar does for engines and Ricoh does for photocopiers.

Our cost savings, environmental and community benefits have seen us complete over 200 projects and a range of accolades, including being named in the Top 10 European B2B startups to watch in the circular economy.

With changing working patterns are boosting demand as organisations reconfigure their workplaces and provide furniture for staff home offices, we are now fundraising to accelerate our growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the investment be used for?

With demand for cost-effective low carbon solutions growing around the world, we now need to build out our team and implement systems that will enable us to grow overseas, starting with Europe.

Who can invest?

We are looking for investments of £5,000 or more. Our round is open to anyone – providing you are fundraising over 18 and residents of the UK, Europe and rest of the world, with the exception of USA, Canada and Japan (due to different regulations in those countries).

Note that due to Rype’s size and growth rate, our next fundraising round will likely be with institutional investors (e.g. venture capital funds). So this might be the last opportunity for you to invest.

When can I invest?

The round is now open and receiving investments.

Will I receive equity/shares?

You will receive shares in the company.

What returns will I receive?

You will be an investor in Rype.

As an investor, you will have a share in the future long-term success of the business, for example, if we are subsequently in a position to pay dividends or if we are bought out.

Is it risky?

As with any investment, there are risks associated with crowdfunding investments, particularly when investing in startups.

The three main risks to consider when investing in equity are:

1. The business may fail or won’t grow enough to deliver a return to investors

If this happens you won’t receive any of your money back.

2. Even if the business succeeds your investment is likely to be illiquid

This means your investment will be locked into the business for a long time – often several years – and you are unlikely to be able to sell your share or withdraw your investment quickly, should you need to. You also may not receive dividends on your investment as the business looks to reinvest any profits to facilitate further growth.

3. Your holding in the business may be diluted

If the business raises more funds at a later date (which most startups do) the percentage of equity you hold in it may decrease relative to what you originally bought. Dilution in itself is not a bad thing, but it is something you need to be aware of.

In order to mitigate the risks attached to crowdfunding investments, many investors seek to invest in a diverse portfolio of businesses. Many startups do not succeed, hence the importance of having a diversified portfolio, as even if just a few of your investments are successful, they may deliver a large enough return to make up for any potential losses. To date, only 14% of businesses to fund on Crowdcube have failed, demonstrating the sophistication of crowd investors.

Where can I find more information?

Once you register your interest, we will send you more information on the company to help with your investment decision.

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital. Please Invest Aware.