Remaufactured office furniture grades

Our remanufacturing process:

Every item that we sell is remanufactured following a quality-controlled engineering process that includes:

  1. Selecting input furniture that is high quality and ergonomically comfortable
  2. Pre-remanufacture quality check covering operation and appearance 
  3. Disassembly using non-destructive processes to avoid damage
  4. Replacement of worn, damaged or missing components with genuine parts, reupholstering with Camira fabrics and replacing damaged desk/table tops with Egger products
  5. Disinfection and cleaning of retained elements
  6. Resurfacing where required (e.g. re-powdercoating or re-polishing)
  7. Detailed post-remanufacture quality check

Different grades of finish are available to suit your needs and budget:




Indistinguishable from new up close


No visible scratches or marks from any angle, with polished finishes machine polished. Grade A+ involves more remanufacturing so is more expensive and a little less sustainable than Grade A, although is substantially better value than high carbon furniture made from virgin resources.


Indistinguishable from new from a distance of 2m by the naked eye in good light when installed

Powder coatings and paint of visible parts are resurfaced and polished finishes are hand polished, so micro-scratching may be present on polished surfaces. Evidence of previous lives may be hidden out of normal sight (e.g. underneath a desktop).