Remaufactured office furniture grades

Our remanufacturing process:

Every item that we sell is remanufactured following a quality-controlled engineering process that includes:

  1. Selecting input furniture that is high quality and ergonomically comfortable
  2. Pre-remanufacture quality checking covering functionality, appearance and condition
  3. Replacement of worn, damaged or missing components
  4. Disinfection and cleaning of retained elements
  5. Resurfacing where required (e.g. re-powdercoating or re-polishing)
  6. Final quality check

Different grades of finish are available to suit your needs and budget:




Indistinguishable from new up close

Who buys

New furniture buyers looking for value for money and/or to improve their sustainability.


No visible scratches or marks from any angle.


Indistinguishable from new from a distance of 2m by the naked eye in good light when installed

Buyers looking for value for money and/or to improve their sustainability.

Powder coatings and paint of visible parts are resurfaced and polished finishes are hand polished. So marks or scratching may be present that are minor (e.g. on polished finishes) or may be hidden from normal view (e.g. underneath a desktop). 


Some visible scratches consistent with a piece of furniture that has been in use for a year

Budget-conscious buyers, including those wanting additional items to blend with existing furniture.

Thoroughly cleaned and hand polished.