Paint360 is an award-winning social enterprise producing recycled paint with low embodied carbon emissions. So naturally we wanted to know more.

What does Paint360 do?

We are developing a model to impact on the estimated 55 million litres of waste paint generated in the UK alone each year, currently only circa 1% of waste paint is recycled with the rest going to incineration or landfill.

Paint360 is a Social Enterprise employing young people with barriers to employment as the core of our workforce, turning unwanted material back into new paint sold to the trade, retail and exported.

The aim of the business is to build an organisation that is recognised for profit with conscience, offering our clients reliable products that lower embedded carbon while encouraging circular economy.

Why did you to set up Paint360? 

Our intention has always been to build a paint recycling plant that is easily replicated so we can ultimately affect the volumes of waste paint and create jobs in areas of high unemployment mirroring our facilities in the Midlands.

How did you come up with the concept of recycled paint?

We all have unwanted paint in our garages and garden sheds; the paint along with the paint pots themselves are a valuable resource and we wanted to make a difference.

What fun trivia can you share about your product?

An added benefit is our paint helps to lower embedded carbon with each litre saving enough to drive a medium sized vans five miles carbon free.

How does recycled paint compare to paint made from virgin resources?

Over the years we have continued to tweak our formulations so they fall in line with brand new paint based on quality and price, adding different finishes along the way. Our paint looks and feels like brand new paint when applied and is supplied in recycled cans.

If you were in charge of the UK, what three things would you do for the environment?

Put air pollution and carbon reduction at the heart of all decisions along with limiting any products sold that cannot be recycled or re-used.

What’s the next exciting announcement we can we look forward to hearing about Paint360?

We have some fantastic partnership schemes on the horizon as well as opening our second site on a brand-new Eco Park that generates all energy off-grid. This site will be shared with four other companies making products from unwanted waste materials.

Where can we learn more?

Paint360’s website is