BP Chargemaster Headquarters

The UK market leader in electric car charging, BP Chargemaster, sought to make its new 45,000ft2 headquarters for 250 staff in Milton Keynes as sustainable as possible. Rype Office was chosen to complete the interior design and provide the furniture. The result is a showcase for low carbon and waste reduction that delivered excellent value for money.

A showcase for sustainable solutions

Sustainability outcomes

Greenhouse Gas Savings

For the furniture, 47,000 kg of embodied carbon equivalent were saved compared to purchasing furniture made from virgin resources. 17 tonnes of furniture were remanufactured to as-new condition and not sent to waste.

All of the furniture provided by Rype Office has a take-back guarantee that ensures it will be remanufactured for further lives when it is no longer needed.

Affordable Ergonomic Excellence

All 200 office-based staff were furnished with sit-stand desks and occupational health ergonomic chairs (Orangebox Joy OHA). Perch stools were provided in phone booths to encourage movement and a range of desk height and stand up tables are available for staff to work in different postures around the building.

This ergonomic furniture cost approximately 60% less than if it was made from virgin resources, saving hundreds of thousands of pounds – thanks to the circular economy.

Agile Working & Flexibility

Each division was consulted to understand how they work most productively, and this was translated into the design of the furniture scheme.

Innovation rooms, a breakout mezzanine, a welcoming central lobby, an expansive canteen, garden areas, phone booths, quiet rooms, meeting rooms, casual meeting areas, and group working booths are integrated throughout the design. These enable staff to work in different ways, encouraging collaboration and creative thought.

Other Building Sustainability Features

Beyond the sustainable fitout, the building has solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, a rainwater harvesting system, naturally landscaped gardens that merge into the trails through the adjacent Linford Wood.

Electric bikes enable staff to silently and easily travel around the neighbourhood and of course the car parking areas feature the latest in the company’s rapid electric car charging stations.

BP Chargemaster: Office
BP Chargemaster: Meeting room
BP Chargemaster: Mezzanine
BP Chargemaster: Innovation Room
BP Chargemaster: Canteen booths
BP Chargemaster: Canteen


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