Melin Homes sought a fresh look for its new division, Candleston. Rype Office designed and supplied the office flooring and furniture, incorporating the new colour palette.

Fresh new office for Candleston


Consistent with the excitement around the launch of its new business, Candleston was keen to include its corporate colours of purple, pink and yellow, while remaining stylish and modern. This was achieved by balancing small splashes of colours with grey in a tailored pattern that varied slightly between areas. A lighter grey was used for the desk area to differentiate the staff zone from the visitor zone.


Giroflex desk chairs, Steelcase meeting chairs, Orangebox lounge chairs and Herman Miller desks were chosen for their timeless aesthetic, high quality and ergonomic comfort.


Flooring was provided and installed by Rype Office’s partner, local Social Enterprise Greenstream Flooring. All furniture was remanufactured, reducing its environmental footprint by more than 80% compared to furniture made from virgin resources.

Budget Conscious

Remanufactured furniture, costing much less than furniture from virgin resources while not compromising on quality, enabled Candleston to demonstrate its commitment to cost-effectiveness – which is a key part of its approach to housing construction.