Cardiff Business School Staff Room

Cardiff Business School is the world’s first public value business school, committed to delivering social and economic improvement. Looking to translate its social values into action, Cardiff Business School called on Rype Office to design and furnish its dated staff room.

Circular Economy furniture and flooring creating social and economic value

Social Value

The booth frame was made by the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind. The remaining furniture was refurbished or remanufactured. Flooring was Grade A reclaimed carpet tiles supplied and installed by Greenstream Flooring, a Social Enterprise.

Value for Money

Ramanufactured furniture and reclaimed carpet tiles enabled Cardiff Business School to to achieve ssubstantial cost savings on its staff room refurbishmane while still creating an stylish and relaxing space that is proving very popular with staff.

Design for Collaboration

Furniture choices (booth, communal table and tub chair sets) were chosen to encourage staff to come together throughout the day. The simple understated aesthetic creates a relaxing space where staff share ideas.

Privacy using Zoning

The room was divided into zones delineated by different carpet tile patterns. This provides virtual walls which improve the intimacy of each seating area.