Crown Estate Scotland

Seeking to improve the comfort, appearance and productivity of their office in an affordable, sustainable way, Crown Estate Scotland sought design and furniture supply assistance from Rype Office.

To address a shortage of meeting rooms and breakout areas, two booths were chosen which could function as informal meeting spaces, quiet working areas or lunchtime seating. This maximises their usage through the day.

Matching sofas were chosen for the visitor waiting area. And by using desk-high coffee tables, the waiting area can also be used by staff for informal meetings, when no visitors are scheduled.

More than half of the furniture items were high quality brand name pieces sourced from the office clearance market (i.e. they had a previous life) and were reupholstered in Camira Blazer 100% wool fabric to aid with noise absorption and to add warmth to the office.

All fabrics were selected to match Crown Estate Scotland’s new colour palette and the existing decor.

Remanufacturing reduced the environmental footprint of the furniture and reduced the cost of the pieces by over half the new list price. For more information on office furniture costs and the savings from remanufacturing, see Office Furniture Costs.



Crown Estate Scotland manages land and property owned by the Monarch in right of the Crown. We ensure that the assets are developed and enjoyed sustainably to deliver benefits to the communities and to Scotland as a whole.


Rype Office helps clients to create beautiful, productive offices at substantial cost savings through good design and by using remanufactured and sustainable office furniture.

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