Pomona Capital

“We are extremely happy with Rype Office following our recent office move. As a private equity firm we have high standards for our staff and also for visitors to the office.

“We wanted to make use of our existing furniture that we purchased over five years ago. We loved the look and feel of our furniture but it was starting to look tired and shabby. By having it refurbished we saved thousands of pounds off the cost of purchasing new furniture. And we are pleased to have fitted out our new office in an environmentally friendly manner. Rype Office cleaned up our furniture beautifully and looks wonderful in its new configuration in our new space.

“Further, they provided and installed additional items to suit the needs of our changing staff. We are very happy with the advice received, with the end result and the with the cost.

“We highly recommend the services of Rype Office and shall certainly use them again.”

– Kate Marie Farmer, Pomona Capital



Rype Office helps clients to create beautiful, productive offices at substantial cost savings through good design and by using remanufactured and sustainable office furniture.

Contact: Greg Lavery at Greg.Lavery@RypeOffice.com phone 079 0016 3409.