Smart Mobility Living Lab

The Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL) is the UK’s most advanced driverless car testbed.  Based in Woolwich, London, SMLL is designed to demonstrate and evaluate the use, safety and environmental impact of connected and automated mobility technology and future transport services.  

For its new offices, SMLL chose low carbon furniture from Rype Office to create a beautiful, innovative and sustainable space. 

An environment for collaboration, research and trials

SMLL’s new office has been configured to provide the best environment for driverless car collaboration, research, and the mechanical work of setting up vehicles, components and systems for trials out on the road.


Rype Office’s furniture helped SMLL to save 2,214 kg of embodied carbon and avoid 862 kg of waste compared with purchasing high carbon furniture made from virgin resources.

Design for Collaboration

The SMLL Woolwich HQ offers a large open plan area that encompasses both an event space and an open plan office. The spaces are flexible and capable of reconfiguration for maximum collaboration.

The Future of Mobility

SMLL is one of the few places in the UK where autonomous vehicle tests can take place on real roads. 196 connected cameras have been set up across 24km of road between SMLL and the Olympic park.  They conduct detailed analysis of what is happening on the roads to provide real-world scenarios to companies creating software for autonomous vehicles. 

SMLL Lounge
SMLL Garage
SMLL Desks
SMLL Control room


About Rype Office

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