Transparency International London Office

With its move to a new office in London, Transparency International saw the opportunity to create a range of working environments to improve staff collaboration and comfort. Rype Office worked with the Transparency International team to design an innovative, space-efficient layout and went on to supply and install the furniture.

Different working environments

Desks were grouped in one zone of the office to bring staff together and free up space for:

  • A library with reading chairs
  • Two collaboration booths
  • Six high bench desks (which can be used with stools or standing up)
  • A communal table and chairs, which is the central focus for the office

These environments enable staff to move away from their desks into more relaxed settings suited to formal or informal meetings, discussing ideas or quiet thinking.


Plants were incorporated in the office design to absorb toxic chemicals, release phytochemicals that suppress mould spores and bacteria by as much as 50 to 60 percent, regulate humidity, introduce nature into the office for its calming effect, and act as a screen. More about the benefits of office plants.