VINCI Facilities

VINCI Facilities manages over 9,000 sites and employ over 2,000 people in the UK. For its UK Head Office refurbishment, the business wanted to transition to a new agile way of working and reflect its culture.  The design and fit out saved money and expresses VINCI Facilities’ corporate values.

“A standard refurbishment would not have aligned to our vision, therefore standard practices were challenged.” – Victoria Hughes, Business Responsibility Director

Managing Director Tony Raikes explains how the office refurbishment was part of a wider push to deliver sustainable outcomes throughout the business:

“Undertaking this refurbishment, we set about further embedding sustainability into the work we do. It fundamentally makes sense to ensure we strive to reduce our environmental impacts and through the approach we took, we have significantly reduced our impact on the environment, whilst future-proofing our office space and saving money. This is a great example of how we can make a positive sustainable impact through the work we do.”

Circular Design

Circular Economy thinking pervaded all aspects of the project.  Used VINCI furniture was recovered from storage buildings for remanufacturing to as-new condition – saving furniture purchasing costs as well as disposal fees. Partition walls and glazing, which would have traditionally been disposed of, were redeployed, saving £22,500 in material costs.

Agile Working & Collaboration

The office provides different zones to enable many styles of working and encourage staff interaction. Breakout furniture and booths attract interaction, while a hotsdesking zone welcomes and integrates visiting staff into the team. Colourful meeting rooms lift energy levels to support innovation. Cul-de-sac desk bays provide privacy for teams.


The fitout contained 2,734kg of remanufactured furniture, which saved VINCI Facilities 7,775kg of embodied CO2e compared to the purchasing furniture made from virgin materials. Living shelving brightened up the office while providing privacy and health benefits. Plants regulate humidity, absorb volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and release phytochemicals which suppress mould spores and bacteria by as much as 50 to 60 per cent.


Remanufactured permanent standing desks, flexible Varidesks and sit-stand desks provide all staff with the infrastructure to vary their posture throughout the day. The remanufactured desk chairs were chosen for their comfort, having won the FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award. Booths, manufactured by the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind, were designed by Rype Office to have firm seats 450mm from the ground to enable comfortable group working.

“A standard refurbishment would not have aligned to our vision, therefore standard practices were challenged – it’s an amazing result, delivering on all of our social, economic and environmental requirements.” – Victoria Hughes, Business Responsibility Director