Women for Women

Women for Women (WfW) is an international organisation that supports the most marginalised women in countries affected by conflict and war. For their new office in Old street London, sustainable furnishings were chosen to match the charity’s commitment to community and the environment – and provide a wonderful and ergonomic workspace for their growing team.

Stylish, sustainable and affordable furniture 

Tailored Aesthetic

Rype Office worked with WfW to develop a fresh design, which WfW personalised with traditional cushions and woven items from their Women of War programme. Timeless stylish furniture from Vitra, Orangebox and Senator were selected.

Social Value

The booths in the WfW’s office were manufactured by the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind and upholstered using hardwearing 100% recycled fabric.  The booth’s mustard and moss colours aligned with the charity’s corporate colours.

Environmental Sustainability

Remanufacturing enabled WfW to afford stylish, elite brands at a fraction of the price of new.  It also meant that they saved 4,500kgs of embodied carbon and avoided 1,400kg of waste. 

In the meeting room, WfW opted for a RePlastic table top made  from 100% recycled post-consumer waste plastic packaging.  Having the table in the meeting room helps WfW to spark a meaningful conversation about the environment and demonstrates their commitment to building a better world.

Plants in the office reduce indoor air toxens, suppress mould spores, regulate humidity and create a more pleasant feel.