Quality remanufactured office furniture

When remanufacturing, we apply the Rype Office Seven Layers of Quality:

  • Brands. We remanufacture office furniture from top quality brands, like Vitra, Orangebox and Senator, because they have timeless aesthetics, quality components and modern ergonomic adjustments.  Plus we can refresh your existing furniture and find additional pieces to match it.
  • Materials.  We use top materials suppliers like Camira and Egger.
  • Equipment. Our workshops use precision equipment to produce flawless finishes.
  • Technology. We develop new techniques to restore surfaces to pristine condition.
  • Processes. We disassemble, check parts, resurface, replace worn components, assemble, test and inspect.
  • Grading. We offer three grades of remanufactured furniture: A+ (which is indistinguishable from new), A (same as new from 2m away) and B (which matches with existing furniture). Click through for details of our office furniture quality grades.
  • Warranty. We warrant our parts and workmanship.

No compromises. Our business depends on durable furniture that looks great for a long time; which is what our customers want too. We stand behind our work by buying it back when you no longer need it.

Remanufacturing/remaking is more common than many people think. Kyocera, Ricoh, Fuji and Xerox remanufacture their photocopiers – which millions of companies rely on every day. Caterpillar’s remanufactured engines are trusted by mining companies and armies around the world.