Rype Remanufacturing Services

Helping furniture manufacturers profit from the Circular Economy

With customers asking for second life furniture, the Circular Economy offers business growth opportunities. We help manufacturers to increase their revenues, profits and sustainability through remanufacturing.

We can be engaged as a consultant or become a furniture remanufacturing partner able to fill gaps in your knowledge and remanufacturing processes.

Rype has profitably remanufactured furniture from most popular brands, so we may already be familiar with your products.

Circular Economy opportunities 

  1. Profitably remanufacture clients’ old furniture with new parts
  2. Access new, lower price point customer segments
  3. Reduce total tender prices with higher new furniture margins
  4. Win sustainability-focussed new clients, architects and designers

Are you only selling your furniture once?

Our experts

Dr Greg Lavery

Dr Greg Lavery


An Engineer by training, Greg built Rype’s remanufacturing systems and processes from the ground up.

In the 2000’s Greg started Australia’s largest solar PV business.

Matt Bulley

Matt Bulley

Senior Advisor

Matt is the former Managing Director of Caterpillar Reman.

His degree was in Manfacturing Systems Engineering and he has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Yanni Spyridakis

Yanni Spyridakis

Supply Chain Expert

With a Masters in Logistics and a successful early career as a serial entrepreneur, Yanni has built and improved the supply chain, logistics and operations for Rype since 2016.

Susan Randall

Susan Randall

Sustainability Expert

Following her degree in Textile Engineering, Susan built her career in sustainable textiles, including working for Marks and Spencer and establishing sustainable clothing ranges.

How can we help you?


  • Costs
  • Market segment price points
  • Market size over time
  • ESG analysis, including¬† environmental benefit quantification


  • Small scale production trials for quality and cost validation
  • Anonymous customer trials for feedback
  • Independent concept testing with dealers


  • Business model options
  • Customer proposition development
  • Pricing
  • Channel/route to market strategy
  • Circular system design
  • Production strategy


  • First/last mile logistics
  • Storage
  • Local workshops doing high quality part/assembly replacement, resurfacing (powder coating, spray painting, cleaning, recolouring), resizing, CNC milling, upholstering
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and warranty repairs
  • Clearances/re-homing
  • Sustainability reporting


  • Quality
  • Production planning
  • Large-scale sourcing
  • Inventory management
  • Waste recycling
  • Staffing

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