Remanufacturing means making something to its original specification, using a combination of reused and repaired elements as well as new parts. It is used in products ranging from photocopiers to military vehicles – and it’s perfect for office furniture.

Remanufacturing is not the same as refurbishing. Refurbished furniture has had work done on key problems, such as replacing worn upholstery, while remanufactured office furniture is disassembled and rebuilt according to the original design.

The photocopier industry was an early adopter of remanufacturing; if you have a photocopier by Ricoh, Fuji, Xerox and Kyocera, then the chances are you already have a remanufactured item in your office.

And in many important ways, remanufactured is actually better than new, particularly for office furniture.

Here is why…


Remanufacturing checks, resurfaces and redeploys the long-life components of furniture (like steel frames), which are expensive to make from virgin resources. So remanufactured furniture is typically less than half the cost of new, with no loss of quality. Working with Rype Office you can also save on office layout design (we do this for free) and we will take back the furniture we provide for further remanufacturing, saving you disposal costs. See our blog on How to Halve your Office Furniture Bill.


Remanufactured furniture can be tailored for your office – from colours & finishes to sizing to maximise occupancy without affecting user comfort. Combine your existing furniture (remanufactured, of course) with externally sourced remanufactured pieces and sustainable new items to benefit from the latest trends.


We remanufacture office furniture brands with timeless aesthetics, proven durability and great ergonomics like Vitra, Orangebox, Giroflex and Senator, using materials from leading suppliers including Camira and Egger. Our rigorous testing and inspection enables us to warrant our parts and workmanship. We are so confident in the quality of our furniture we offer to buy it back when you no longer need it.

Social value

Remanufacturing reduces embodied GHG emissions and waste, so is recognised with BREEAM and LEED credits. Because remanufacturing occurs locally, it creates UK jobs, including for disabled and long-term unemployed for whom remanufacturing is ideally suited. And the disassembly and assembly required creates twice as many jobs as assembling from virgin materials. For our clients we provide a Sustainability Benefits Report to share with employees, customers and the world.


Remanufactured furniture often has a story. For example, we provided our client Public Health Wales with desks from the Bond movie Spectre. Client NAOS has Italian leather sofas formerly sat on by billionaires visiting a leading private equity firm who had the sofas in their reception.

National benefits

Remanufacturing improves the national balance of payments – which means we are sending less of our country’s wealth overseas. Resource security is improved because so we rely less for our prosperity on the supply of virgin materials from other countries. It also creates jobs, stimulating the national economy and increasing the tax base to benefit everyone.

See the quality of our remanufactured furniture for yourself: