This striking meeting table has a top made from recycled kitchen cutting boards and plastic bags. It’s beautiful and unique, an eye-catching piece of statement furniture and a great talking point in the office.

But more importantly, the RePlastic Table is a scientific and environmental game-changer. Here’s why…

Rethinking plastic

Plastic is a useful material. Humans take crude oil from deep in the earth and create a substance that can be moulded into objects of any size or shape, to be used for an almost infinite variety of purposes, from passenger jets to medical syringes.

But plastic has another defining quality: it practically lasts forever.

Yet instead of recognising that as a virtue, we have made it a problem by using it for short term purposes (like packaging) and then sending waste plastic to landfill, or worse, dumping it in the oceans.

The key to changing this is to rethink plastic.

New scientific techniques mean we can transform everyday waste plastic – from kitchen chopping boards to yoghurt pots – into useful, beautiful objects, like RePlastic Tables. And if items are made of recyclable plastic, they can be resurfaced, remanufactured or reshaped to meet their owners’ changing needs.

By changing how we think about plastic, we can use and re-using the plastic we already have, forever. This locks up the plastic indefinitely, keeping it out of the environment.

The RePlastic Table is a first step towards that vision – and we think that makes it a game-changer.

The RePlastic Table

Each RePlastic Table is unique and can be customised to inspire any boardroom or office.

Top styles

There are four styles of top, each created entirely from everyday plastic waste.  The provenance of the plastic has been elegantly incorporated into the design and can be seen and felt in the table’s surfaces.

Snowstorm – made from waste yoghurt pots

Quarry – made from kitchen chopping boards and black packaging waste

Firepit – Made from packaging waste

Scree – made from packaging waste

Remanufactured leg styles

Each unique top can be paired with one of four styles of Vitra legs. These are remanufactured by Rype Office from used furniture – which means they are second-life, but remade to their original spec and quality.

(RePlastic table legs are currently in development and are available to pre-order now.)

View a gallery of some of our favourite top and leg combinations here.

Bespoke size and specification

The RePlastic Table’s tops are custom sized to fit your room dimensions or your desired number of seats.

The maximum table width is 2m but there is no limit on table length because the Vitra leg and frame system can be extended indefinitely.

Cable holes and power and data modules can be incorporated to your specification.

A ‘forever’ table

Because the plastics used are recyclable, RePlastic Tables can be repaired, remanufactured or reshaped to meet your changing office needs. So your RePlastic Table really can last you forever.

See more details and order your RePlastic Table here.

At Rype Office we apply rational scientific methods to make wonderful workspaces and ergonomic furniture. We call it the ‘science of beautiful offices’.