Rype Zero task chair

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The Rype Zero leads the way in low carbon and sustainable task chair design. Developed in collaboration with Brunel University, this chair provides extraordinary comfort and support without the environmental or financial cost that occur from using virgin resources.

Rype Zero
Rype Zero: Design Evolution
Net Zero Carbon: Forest image


The Rype Zero’s carbon neutrality and circularity drive a range of environmental and social benefits:

  • Remanufactured mechanism, base, shell and arms reduce the chair’s greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to a conventional chair
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric reduces virgin resource use
  • No-VOC construction eliminates toxic volatile organic compounds, improving indoor air quality and making the chair WELL compliant
  • Remanufacturing occurs in the UK, creating local jobs
  • Designed for easy reupholstering to extend its useful life
  • Guaranteed take-back for further remanufacturing to avoid waste and consumption of virgin resources
  • Renewable energy used in production to minimise its carbon footprint

These features score points for BREEAM, LEED and SKA.

    Ergonomic features

    • Height adjustable enhanced lumbar support
    • Seat slide
    • Height adjustable arms with soft pad tops that rotate 180 degrees to enable close working to a desk
    • Tilt mechanism with tilt tension adjustment
    • Tilt lock
    • Waterfall front of seat to relieve pressure above the knee
    • Seat height adjustment

    Build options

    Available without arms and in counter format with high gas lift and footring. A wide range of colours are available from the Camira Xtreme and X2 ranges.

    The Rype Zero comes with a standard one year warranty, which can be extended for an additional cost.

    Rype Zero
    G64 FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award
    G64 Task Chair

    FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award-winning Giroflex 64


    The mechanism, base, arms and shell of the Rype Zero are from the Giroflex 64 chair (formerly also sold in the UK by Orangebox under the name G64), which won the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) Ergonomics Excellence Award. These are still in production.

    Over 1.5 million G64s have been sold in Europe, with 0.5 million in the UK. Its reliability and comfort made the G64 the task chair of choice for investment banks and leading corporations throughout Europe.

    We remanufacture G64 parts in the UK using a quality-controlled engineering process to return them to as-new condition and add to them pads that have been redesigned for greater comfort and up-to-date aesthetics.

    The Rype Zero’s fire-resistant foam pads are produced in the UK by one of the leading car and aircraft seat manufacturers.

    How we reduced the Rype Zero’s carbon footprint

    We have reduced the Rype Zero’s greenhouse gas emissions as far consistent with our Net Zero Carbon commitment.

    Here is how:

    1. We source in the UK and remanufacture the mechanism, base, shell and arms from Giroflex 64 chairs no longer wanted. Most of these come from office clearances of banks and corporations. Remanufacturing these parts reduces the chair’s emissions by 80% compared to using virgin resources.

    2. It is not possible to recycle foam for task chair pads. Instead, the inserts from the old foam are reused and new foam is cast around them. This is done locally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport.

    3. Fabric is hardwearing 100% recycled polyester made by Camira, which meets British and European Standards for safety and durability.

    4. Reductions in the greenhouse gas emissions from our operations are ongoing, consistent with our Net Zero Carbon commitment.

    5. We guarantee to take back your Rype Zeros when you no longer need them, to remanufacture them for further lives and continue their Net Zero Carbon journey.


    Alex Roquero Mendiola

    Building on his experience as an Industrial Designer with Bosch Group, Alex’s Masters at Brunel University focussed on the circular manufacturing systems for the Rype Zero and he joined Rype Office full time to continue to work on the chair and other circular economy furniture products.


    Enzo Nezi

    As a passionate upcycler and advocate of human-centred design, Enzo channelled his interests into the design of the Rype Zero. His attention to detail shaped the chair, which benefits from his broad design experience in car interiors, sustainable exhibits and even a camping tent.

    “Remanufacturing high-end task chairs presents a range of brand new challenges – from sourcing through to large scale distributed manufacturing. We have solved these and now can apply the solutions to all types of office furniture.”

    “I am delighted with the Rype Zero. It incorporates ground-breaking innovation in the furniture industry and is already the chair of choice amongst my colleagues in the office. You can’t win higher praise than that.”

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