How does Rype Office create beautiful offices that are cheaper, greener and better – and do it for about half the price of everyone else? The answer is science.


Here’s how our scientific approach works…


Expectations of new offices have never been higher. They should be beautiful and inspiring, delivering the wow factor. And they should be efficient, ergonomic environments that maximise wellness and productivity.

The downside is that new offices have also never been more expensive. And not just in terms of financial cost – there’s a huge environmental cost to a complete office fit-out.




Rype Office adopts a scientific approach to creating beautiful workspaces that offer excellent value and a light environmental footprint. We apply tested principles distilled from the great architects and designers, bringing to bear techniques old and new to achieve the best results. We appraise furniture and determine layout in the light of ergonomics and wellbeing. Our schemes always have a powerfully technical and well-founded rationale.

This science-based approach is inspired by our founder, Greg Lavery. His ground-breaking PhD in Engineering developed design methods to reduce waste and inefficiencies in buildings whilst reducing cost and improving comfort.

This research has extended over the last 20 years to incorporate the furnishings within an office. 300 tonnes of office furniture go to landfill every working day in the UK. But we discovered that most high-quality furniture is thrown away because of superficial wear and tear that could instead be fixed by replacing modular components. We have researched and deployed the technologies and processes to cost-effectively enable multiple lives for furniture – turning the wasteful linear use of furniture into a circular economy.




‘Remanufacturing’, as we call it, is an engineering process that takes the durable elements of a furniture item (like steel frames), checks and refurbishes them, and then rebuilds the item around them using brand new elements. The result looks and performs the same as if it were made from virgin resources, but with an 80% smaller environmental footprint. And at a cost that’s less than half the list price.

Remanufacturing also makes sense from a quality perspective. Original chair designs bring style, comfort and longevity unmatched by cheap imitations. Fixing a superb new worktop to a well-crafted resurfaced steel frame creates a better desk than spending the same money on an inferior product from a catalogue – while also reducing waste and avoiding disposal costs.

We always wanted our work to generate social value. Today we source from social enterprises like the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind and Greenstream Flooring. And for large projects, we recruit disabled and long-term unemployed from local communities close to projects.

And that’s the Rype Office story.

Today, we’re a studio that designs beautiful, healthy and ergonomic offices, a sourcing team that seeks out the best that the contemporary furniture market offers, and a workshop that remanufactures quality furniture to create amazing value. Our customers turn to us for great remanufactured furniture as well as full office refits. We work well with other designers, bringing new ideas to projects like virtual walls, plants that clean toxins from the air and, of course, knowledge of how to remanufacture and use reclaimed furniture and flooring. In everything we do we are guided by the practical application of scientific principles.


The benefits of Rype Office’s scientific approach


It turns out there are serious benefits to doing it Greg’s way.

It’s cheaper. Remanufacturing enables high-quality furniture items, often from our clients’ current suite, to be redeployed. Rype Office’s design approach maximises the use of office space, minimising rental costs. Integrating Grade A reclaimed carpet tiles slashes flooring costs. As a result, our services – from full refit to sourcing of individual items – typically are half the cost of conventional approaches, for the same quality.

It’s greener. Rype Office’s engineering skills mean we don’t compromise on beauty and quality. So a Rype Office refit cuts environmental impact by two-thirds. That’s why circular-economy and sustainability enthusiasts love it.

It’s better. We get very excited about our scientific approach to design and remanufacturing: the stunning results, cost benefits, wellness, and light environmental footprint. But it’s always in the service of designing the right office for our clients.



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