Global Bank European HQ, Canary Wharf

For its new 22,745 square foot London office, the bank wanted to reflect its sustainability values, reduce its carbon emissions and attract staff back into the office. Rype worked with the design team to create a low carbon, environmentally-friendly workspace with staff appeal thanks to its amenities, focus on staff wellbeing and variety of work settings.

Desks were designed with integrated gardens as part of the varied work environments created

Furniture circularity

The office comprises 62% second life furniture, with 22% refurbished from the bank’s old office and 40% externally sourced from the office clearance market and remanufactured. This avoided 19,300 kgCO2e carbon emissions and gave 5,600kg of furniture a second life. All of the loose furniture supplied can be remanufactured by Rype for future lives, avoiding future cost, waste and carbon emissions.

Carbon emissions

The project has estimated embodied carbon emissions of 290kgCOe/m² for building works and services (Cradle to grave A1-A4, B4-B5, C1-C4).

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient hand driers and appliances have been installed, all within one rating level of the maximum energy efficiency rating available. The office is 53% daylit to reduce energy use in lighting.

Water efficiency

Appliances, fittings and fixtures have very low water use, equivalent to 5 WELS rating or higher. These reduce potable water use by over 40% compared to the BREEAM baseline.


The design has incorporated a variety of work settings to support differing styles of work, activities and neurodiversity. These include individual focus rooms, open focus areas, standard open plan desks, high tables and touch-down tables. The multi-use mindfulness area contains flexible spaces that can be used for relaxation, exercise, first aid, prayer and to support parents.

Material sustainabilty

Counter tops are made in the UK from 85% recycled glass and aggregates from post-consumer construction or manufacturing processes. Carpets are made of recycled nylon by Interface and are supplied with a take back programme. Reconstituted board made from compressed scrap paper provided the finishes on many of the fittings. A sound-absorbing plaster spray made of recycled paper and other rapidly renewable natural resources was used.


Over 470 indoor plants from 18 different species are distributed across the office space to improve indoor air quality and health and wellbeing of staff and visitors. This includes the plants set in desks.

Social value

225 hours of at least London Real Living Wage employment was provided to formerly homeless and individuals at-risk of homelessness.

Breakout area
Round desks with plant in middle
Reception desk
Wellness area
Sunset from the balcony
Communal table