Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our furniture sustainable?

Our remanufactured furniture has proven its longevity in a previous life and we remanufacture it to as-new condition using quality-controlled engineering processes. Its environmental footprint is 80% less than furniture made from virgin resources (and it costs a lot less).

Other Rype Office furniture is made from waste like post-consumer plastic.

We only sell ergonomic furniture and do all of our manufacturing and sourcing in the UK, preferentially employing long term unemployed and disabled staff and working with Social Enterprises like the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind.

How we stretch your budget

Rype Office furniture means you don’t have to compromise on style, quality or ergonomics while achieving value for money. Spend the savings on special items that complete your wonderful design.

Lead times

Please enquire about lead times so we can provide estimates based on our current production load. Exact lead times are provided in our proposals.

Delivery and installation

Our polite and tidy installation team will deliver and set up the furniture that you purchase from us anywhere in mainland Great Britain whenever is most convenient, including evenings and weekends.  We don’t use much packaging, but what we do use we take away with us for further use or recycling, leaving you with an office that is ready to move into.


We provide a one year warranty as standard for our furniture. Longer warranties can be agreed for a small additional cost.

The fabrics that we use for reupholstering come with their own warranty, which we pass on. Please ask us about the warranty for the fabric that you choose at

Our warranty does not cover any defect in the furniture arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence, using the furniture in a way that we or the original manufacturer do not recommend, failing to follow our or the manufacturer’s instructions, or any alteration or repair carried out without our prior written approval from us.

Recycled plastics may be softer than conventional table top surfaces and you are responsible for managing staff behaviour to avoid scratching and other damage, just as you would with other softer materials such as wood. By choosing recycled plastic furniture you accept the ongoing liability for care and our warranty does not cover scratch repair or other mistreatment.

Our Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee to provide the best value for money, on a like-for-like basis. If you are offered a lower price for the same item, we will match it when you present us with the lower quote.

What is remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is a quality-controlled engineering process takes the long-life elements of an item (like steel frames), checks and resurfaces them and then rebuilds the items around them. The result looks and performs as new, but with an environmental footprint 80% lower and a significantly lower price. We have written a detailed explanation here.

How we meet British Standards

British Standards for office furniture relate to three things:

1. Ergonomics. Standards stipulate desk height, chair height, etc so that complying furniture will be comfortable for users. When we remanufacture furniture, these dimensions do not usually change. When we design new furniture or we resize furntiure, our product design team follow the standards.

2. Strength requirements. These are how much weight a table should be able to hold and the like. Our remanufacturing does not alter the strength of furniture, so our remanufactured furniture is compliant because the original manufacturer designed them to be. When we design a new item, we do design for these loads to make sure that our furniture complies.

3. Materials safety. This relates to the fire resistance, etc of fabrics, foams and the like. The materials that we buy have already passed these tests.

Holding furniture while clients make decisions

We know clients can take a while to decide, so call us on 033 3358 3330 or email to reserve your furniture. For large orders, we can provide samples.

We calculate your GHG emission and waste savings

Just ask and we can calculate the greenhouse gas emissions savings and waste avoided for your project. This is important for some customers who include these figures in their sustainability reporting. Call us on 033 3358 3330 or email

Does remanufacturing breach copyright?

Remanufacturing returns items to the as-new condition, often using parts supplied by the original manufacturer. The remanufactured item still bears the brand of the original maker, so there is no intellectual property misrepresented.

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