Client Facing Team

Dr Greg Lavery, Founder

Frustrated by the 300 tonnes of office furniture going to landfill every working day in the UK, in 2014 Greg put his Engineering background and PhD in sustainable buildings to work. He developed a system to cost-effectively remanufacture high quality unwanted furniture to as-new condition. Rype was born.

Prior to Rype, Greg’s passion for profitable sustainability led him to start, and grow to market leadership, Australia’s leading solar business and design profitable decarbonisation strategies and businesses for some of the world’s largest organisations during his time at consultants Bain and Booz Allen.

Greg has managed a range of decarbonisation buisnesses, including a heat pump business, an alternative vehicle fuel business, an energy efficiency consultancy and an ESCO.

Kate McKee, Business Growth

With a long international track record of building, managing and advising companies, Kate works with clients and designers to develop sustainable solutions that meet business needs and create value for money.

Kate also looks after Rype’s partnerships.

Paul Gaughan, Commercial Director

Paul has over 33 years’ experience within the construction industry, with the last 23 years in senior positions in both commercial and operational roles within the fit-out sector.

A graduate of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainaiblity Leadership (CISL), Paul is also a Fellow of the RICS and the CIOB.

He is involved with FIS through its Sustainability Leadership Group and with the City of London through its Skills for a Sustainable Skylines Taskforce.

Susan Randall, Sustainable Solutions Advisor

Following her degree in Textile Engineering, Susan built her career in sustainable textiles, including working for Marks and Spencer and establishing sustainable clothing ranges.

With this background, and her study at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, Susan has a deep technical knowledge of carbon emissions and sustainable sourcing, which she brings to all projects.

Susan works directly with clients and designers, recommending Circular Economy solutions with quantified environmental and social benefits.

Neda Kah, Design Manager

Neda, a trained Architect with a Masters in Interior Design, assists clients and designers to create beautiful, sustainable spaces.

Her knowledge of space planning, project management, and computer-aided design mean she can deliver projects from initial concept to implementation.

Maryam Mirian, Interior Designer

With a degree in Textile Design and Print and a Masters in Interior Design, Maryam has a wonderful eye for design.

She has 10 years of experience in project management, space planning, material cost estimation, subcontractor and client management.

Khrystya Oryshchak, Interior Designer

With a MSc in Architecture and another MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Khrystyna brings a commercial eye to her designs, ensuring they are beautiful, functional, sustainable and cost-effective.

Yanni Spyridakis, Operations

Yanni leads our logistics and operations. With a Masters in Logistics, he was previously the Operations Director of a freight shipping company.

A successful serial innovator, Yanni built three solar parks, a drinks distribution company and a yacht charter business.

As a former Staff Sergeant in the Greek army, Yanni loves shiny shoes and perfectly level desks.

… and a shout-out to our other team members working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Andy Hyatt, Project Manager

A former IT engineer and consultant, Andy is now realising his passion for building wonderful spaces as a Project Manager.

His keen attention to detail is focused on delivering furniture and projects to a high level of customer satisfaction.

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