Dr Greg Lavery, Founder

Frustrated by the 300 tonnes of office furniture going to landfill every working day in the UK, in 2014 Greg put his Engineering background and PhD in sustainable buildings to work. He developed both a production system to cost-effectively remanufacture high quality unwanted furniture to as-new condition and established our science-led approach to designing beautiful offices. Rype Office was born.

Greg’s passion for profitable sustainability led him to start, and grow to market leadership, a billion-dollar solar business and design sustainable businesses for some of the world’s largest organisations during his time at Bain and Booz Allen.

Greg owns the turntables, which leads observers to assume he can DJ.

Yanni Spyridakis, Operations

Yanni leads our logistics and operations. With a Masters in Logistics, he was previously the Operations Director of a freight shipping company. A successful serial innovator, Yanni built three solar parks, a drinks distribution company and a yacht charter business.

As a former Staff Sergeant in the Greek army, Yanni loves shiny shoes and perfectly level desks. And he really can DJ.

Kate McKee, Business Growth

With a long track record of building, managing and advising companies, Kate leads new growth directions for the company as well as setting up the business to rapidly expand.

She is a smooth operator, calmly dispatching previously intractable issues and rapidly refining and implementing new ideas.

Kate reminds us periodically that she can back a horse trailer … um … go girl.

Jamie Harbour, Relationships

Jamie is our Relationship Manager and oversees all of our marketing activities. An advocate of change to create a better world, he has worked for the UK government in Brussels and for a renewable energy company in Kenya. His MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College has equipped him to drive our ongoing innovation in environmental and social sustainability.

He knows how to dance.

Anne-Sophie Lendrevie, Business Development

Anne-Sophie has a successful track record of helping organisations to improve their profitability. She recognises the power of purpose and well-being to drive business performance and attract talent – and the important role of beautifully designed sustainable workplaces.

Anne-Sophie has worked with large corporates as well as startups and in her spare time is a Mentor for Techstars.

Mario Baselice, Buyer

Mario honed his negotiation and procurement skills as a food buyer for one of Europe’s largest catering companies. He is ice-cool in high pressure environments and has developed our network of suppliers, allowing us to scale up rapidly without compromising on our principles or quality.

Mario is a classically trained opera singer and as such is in charge of van playlists.

Romas Vizgirda, Interior Designer

Romas is a technically-minded designer with a diverse skill set and a keen interest in the intersection between sustainability, the circular economy and design.  Prior to Rype Office, he had a decorated career in interior and furniture design [bad pun apology].  He has overhauled our office design capability and proves every day that you can design sustainably without compromising on style, comfort or budget.

Romas won his division at the English Open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in 2018; his colleagues stopped stealing his coffee mug promptly afterwards…

Runaldo Ferre, Architect

An experienced Architect, Runaldo has designed buildings and interiors around the world, including the interiors of superyachts in Dubai.

Like his namesake, Runaldo played professional football – in his native Brazil as a goalkeeper. What a star!

Enzo Nezi, Product Designer

Enzo heads up our product development and spends his days fine-tuning our remanufacturing process and designing beautiful items manufactured from waste, including our growing RePlastic range. 

He is a passionate upcycler and a committed advocate for human-centred design. Enzo has an eclectic career history: in addition to his 7 years of furniture design he has designed car interiors, sustainable exhibits and even a camping tent.

Laurence Carver, Refurbisher

Laurence is a graduate of the London College of Furniture and brings his vast experience and skill to our remanufacturing team. His insight from years working with furniture has helped to expand the scope of our remanufacturing activities.

A real renaissance man, Laurence’s interests outside of work include fishing, cycling and cosmology. He listens to Regae French House music.

Andy Hyatt, Workshop Manager

A former IT engineer and consultant, Andy is now realising his passion for building wonderful spaces. His keen attention to detail is focused on delivering furniture and projects to a high level of customer satisfaction.

In his spare time Andy enjoys cycling, swimming, travel and sofa testing (which he refers to as ‘watching motorsports’).

Phillip Campbell, Refurbisher

Phillip is a foundation member of the remanufacturing team, having literally invented the job title ‘Refurbisher’.  He has a keen eye for detail developed through his training in carpentry.

Phillip loves modern art, is a talented sketcher and likes Regae French House music but has only ever found one track for that genre – which we all know well.

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