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Beautiful Affordable Offices


We believe that every office can and should be beautiful, sustainable and cost less

We provide high quality furniture, innovative ideas, and award-winning designs to create wonderful workspaces.

For furniture, we use Circular Economy engineering to bring furniture back to new condition, ergonomics to create exciting new furniture, and distributed manufacturing to provide local jobs.

Our designs use science to maximise space efficiency, select plants that improve air quality, and create compelling colour schemes.

The resulting offices are beautiful in every way – attractive, productive, healthy, socially responsible, environmentally sustainable – and half the cost of traditional alternatives.

We call this the Science of Beautiful Offices.

How can we help?

Buy furniture

authentic, sustainable, affordable

Design & furnish

and fit out work if needed

Refurbish or clear

your old furniture


We provide new furniture with an eye for value and sustainability, refurbish your existing items, or remanufacture brand name products back to as-new condition. We create significant cost savings with no compromise on quality.

We have also created our own innovative sustainable furniture ranges.


Remanufacturing is an engineering process that takes the durable elements of an office furniture item (such as steel frames), checks and refurbishes them, and then rebuilds the item around them.

The result looks and performs as new, but at a significant cost saving, both economically and environmentally.

We can also refurbish clients’ existing furniture for even greater savings.

Office design

Our science-led design approach makes it easy to create a wonderful workspace.

Through good design, we aim to improve your profits by maximising the use of your floorspace, improving staff productivity and reducing furniture costs.

Our free office layout design service, by our award-winning team, creating workspaces that are comfortable, beautiful, sustainable and affordable.


North Wales Police

93,400 ft2 Eastern Command Centre

Office furniture provided by Rype Office

NHS Cardiff

Award-winning office for 550 staff

Rype Office furniture at UKGBC

UK Green Building Council

Record low GHG emissions fit out

£ savings for clients

Tonnes of CO2e GHG emissions saved

Tonnes of furniture remanufactured

Hours of employment for those furthest from the workforce


Sharing how to scientifically design beautiful offices and more


“We are delighted with the new office. Rype Office made it easy for us.”

Louan Mouton

Natural Capital Partners

“We are very pleased with the result, at a very competitive price.”

Martin Harris


“We are impressed with our new desks. Rype Office ensured that they suit the décor of our new space and meet our needs perfectly.”

Katherine Herbert


“We highly recommend the services of Rype Office and shall certainly use them again.”

Kate Farmer

Pomona Capital

“Rype Office has provided high quality furniture for our offices at a very attractive price.”

Nick Yiannakis

City1st Tyres

“We are very pleased with the design and quality of the office furniture that Rype Office provided.”

Samuel McKenney

Imperial College London

We couldn’t be happier with our office refit. Rype Office provided us with invaluable advice to get the best possible use out of our space.”

Steven Goode

Shading Specialists

“Thank you for making the office so lovely.”

Marie-Claude Hemming


“We now have a beautiful office space, which uses the available area extremely effectively and which came in under budget.”

Rebecca Eastmond

Greenwood Place

“The furniture looks great – we are very pleased.”

Malcolm Thomson

Energy Saving Trust

“Rype Office demonstrated that remanufactured office furniture is a high quality, cost-effective, and easy alternative to new.”

Louan Mouton

Natural Capital Partners



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