Office furniture that saves money and the planet

Low carbon office furniture

Our mission is to reduce the carbon emissions and cost of office furniture.

We do this by remanufacturing high quality furniture to as-new condition and creating furniture ranges from waste materials.

Furniture is the biggest source of carbon emissions in a commercial building [1] – we reduce this by 80% while saving money for clients and creating jobs for local long-term unemployed with disabilities.

Our 300+ projects prove that every office can be beautiful, sustainable and cost less.

How can we help?

Furniture supply

sustainable, affordable

Design & furnish

& fit-out work if needed

Refurbish or clear

your old furniture


We remanufacture brand name office furniture back to as-new condition and create our own sustainable furniture ranges from waste materials. We create significant cost savings with no compromise on quality.


Remanufacturing is a quality-controlled engineering process that takes the durable elements of an office furniture item (such as steel frames), checks and refurbishes them, and then rebuilds the item around them.

The result looks and performs as new, but at a significant cost saving, both economically and environmentally.

Office design

We provide our award-winning sustainable design assistance at no charge, helping designers and clients to create wonderful workspaces that reduce carbon emissions and support local jobs.

We save money by improving staff health & productivity and reducing furniture, flooring and electricals costs.

Use the Circular Economy to create an office that is comfortable, beautiful, sustainable and affordable.


North Wales Police

93,400 ft2 Eastern Command Centre

Office furniture provided by Rype Office

NHS Cardiff

Award-winning office for 550 staff

Rype Office furniture at UKGBC

UK Green Building Council

Record low carbon emissions fit out

kgCO2e greenhouse gas emissions saved

£ savings for clients

Tonnes of furniture remanufactured

Hours of employment for those furthest from the workforce



“We now have a beautiful office space, which uses the available area extremely effectively and which came in under budget.  Working with the Rype Office team was an absolute pleasure.”  – Rebecca Eastmond, Founder & CEO, Greenwood Place

“Collaborative approach, budget conscious, gorgeous results. Rype Office helped transform our office space; it’s a pleasure to come to work now. I highly recommend.” – Candace Ohanessian, Communications Manager, Praemium

“We are delighted with the new office. Rype Office made it easy for us with their advice and design assistance … remanufactured office furniture is a high quality, cost-effective, and easy alternative to new.”Louan Mouton, Finance Manager, Natural Capital Partners



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 [1] Source: Treloar, GJ. Et al, 1999, Embodied energy analysis of fixtures, fittings and furniture in office buildings, Facilities, Volume 17, Number 11, pp. 403-409 (Accessed on 14 June 2019 at