Earn Money from Introductions


1. Introduce an organisation who needs furniture to Rype Office

2. We design and furnish their office with attractive & sustainable furniture (& save them money)

3. We pay you 5% of the furniture selling price for the first project with that client

How much can I earn?

The table below is indicative, based on typical Rype Office projects:

Headcount for Referred Company Office

Referrer Commission

Referrer Annual Income (assuming 1 successful introduction per month)

20 (minimum)













Tell me more

We are revolutionising the office furniture industry, creating beautiful healthy offices at half the cost and 80% less environmental impact than with furniture from virgin resources.

Our achievements to date include:

  • 300+ projects completed including for RBS, NHS, and Imperial College London
  • 7 awards
  • 7,000 hours of paid work for long term unemployed with disabilities

This pretty much sells itself. Our challenge is to find organisations looking to refurbish, move office or otherwise change their furniture and educate these potential customers about remanufactured furniture.

So we offer commissions for introductions to such organisations. This shares our success with those who support what we do.

Commissions are great because they share the upside – the bigger the project and the more you help us to win it (increasing our chance of success), the more money from introductions you make. And if the client does not buy our furniture, you have only made an introduction which supports a more sustainable future.

What do I do now?

Once you know what we do (see our homepage), identify those in your network who needs furniture or might be moving/refurbishing and let them know that they can save money while being more sustainable.

Then simply call it in by contacting Kate (Kate@RypeOffice.com) to let her know that you have a hot lead and she can talk you through the next steps (which usually involves you making an email or personal introduction).

Then you can step back while we work with the client to create a wonderful office design and provide reclaimed and remanufactured furniture and flooring.

Everyone wins: You make money from introductions, the cllient saves money on their office fitout, and we continue to make business more sustainable.

How can I maximise my earnings?

Here are some ideas:

  • Improve your knowledge of what we do by visiting us and/or attending a referrer training session
  • Think big (bigger customers, more often, means bigger commissions)
  • Build your own network of lookouts and share the commission with them (if you want to!)
What if Rype Office already knows someone I introduce?
We are actively reaching out to all sorts of organisations. If we already know an organisation looking to buy furniture (and we will let you know when you call it in), then we cannot pay a commission, sorry.
Is there a minimum size of client?

Offices less than 20 staff are not economical for us to serve because we put a lot of time into assisting clients.

When will I be paid?
We pay you immediately once we are paid in full by the client.
What counts as furniture?
Furniture includes storage cabinets, desks, chairs, tables, pedestals, bookcases, coat racks, cupboards, stools, sofas, coffee tables, and the like. We don’t pay commission related to flooring, design or project management. Commission applies to office furniture sold in the first project with the new client that you have introduced.

Get started

Email Kate@RypeOffice.com to introduce a potential customer or learn more