We love office furniture

We source sustainable furniture in three different ways and in doing so beat the prices of furniture made from virgin resources. Our design team can integrate all three types of furniture into one beautiful office design.


We develop our own ranges of stylish, affordable, sustainable office furniture


We remanufacture quality brand name office furniture to as-new condition, saving over 50% of the list price


We refurbish & resize your current office furniture at around 30% of the cost of new


Our award-winning design team is focussed on creating products that are ergonomically excellent, hardwearing, integrate sustainable materials and can be remanufactured easily.

We source direct from high quality local suppliers (many of them SMEs and Social Enterprises) and pass on the cost savings to customers.

Rype Zero task chair

The Rype Zero leads the way in Net Zero Carbon and sustainable task chair design. Developed in collaboration with Brunel University, this chair provides extraordinary comfort and support without the environmental or financial cost that occur from using virgin resources.

Rype Zero

RePlastic table range

Using post-consumer plastic waste to make wonderful tables whose patterning tells the story of their history. Ideal for meeting rooms to show your commitment to sustainability.

Opportunity booth range

Comfortable booths which our clients find they use all day every day.

Frames are made by the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind of hardwearing materials so that they can be remanufactured for multiple lives.

Recovery bookcase range

Curved and straight bookcases that create quite breakout spaces while displaying and storing books and publications.

Shelves are made from waste MFC and MDF which otherwise goes to landfill.

Remanufacture & Refurbish

Remanufacturing is an engineering process that takes the durable elements of an office furniture item (such as steel frames), checks and refurbishes them, and then rebuilds the item around them.

The result looks and performs as new, but at a significant cost saving, both economically and environmentally.

Our remanufacturing know-how means we can also refurbish clients’ existing furniture for even greater cost savings.