Rype Intercept sofa

Created by Rype Office
Intercept sofa

Designed in collaboration with leading Architects and Interior Designers, the Rype Intercept sofa is pioneering in its use of recycled materials. At its core is a frame made from post-consumer waste plastic, locking up this material so it does not end up in landfill or oceans.


Choose fabrics and colours for the base, back & arms, seat cushions and back cushions.

Black or brushed metal leg options.

Intercept sofa
Intercept sofa
Clean ocean


The Rype Intercept sofa’s sustainability incorporates a range of environmental and social benefits:

  • Recycled post-consumer plastic waste frame intercepts plastic before it enters landfill or oceans
  • 100% recycled polyester fabric reduces virgin resource use
  • Frame fabricated by the Merthyr Tydfil Institute for the Blind
  • Made in the UK, creating local jobs
  • Designed for easy reupholstering to extend its useful life
  • Guaranteed take-back for further remanufacturing to avoid waste and consumption of virgin resources

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