Clear your unwanted furniture

We find new homes for surplus furniture so it does not go to landfill

Empty office - save money on an office move

Most organisations face the challenge of surplus furniture at some point – whether it to clear storage areas or at the end of a lease.

Sending furniture to landfill is economically expensive due to the Landfill Tax and environmentally expensive with 75,000 tonnes of office furniture going to landfill every year in the UK (source: WRAP).

We help clients with estate-wide furniture programmes which redeploy furniture as and when it is needed. As a simple example, for a bank we developed a remanufacture and redeploy programme for branches. Furniture was remanufactured from a buffer stock and rapidly swapped in before the branches opened to rapidly create a fresh look at minimal expense and with no disruption.

If, however, you do not wish to redeploy your old furniture internally, we can help to find good homes for it. 

Note that since the economic downturn of 2008 and COVID the used furniture market has been flooded with high quality furniture so a lot of furniture is being gifted in return for free clearance.

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