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Better office furniture for less

We believe that workspaces can and should be attractive, sustainable and cost less. Rype Office exists to make this easy for customers. We provide high quality, better value, more sustainable office furniture as well as free office design assistance.


We refurbish or remodel your current office furniture at 20% to 30% of the cost of new


We remanufacture quality brand name office furniture to as-new condition, saving you over 50% on the list price


We provide high quality new office furniture at wholesale prices. We also access heavily discounted brand-name surplus stock

Combine all three for a beautiful, budget-friendly office – our free office design service can create an inspiring workplace that improves productivity and minimises your footprint.

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NHS 550 person office

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UK Green Building Council

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Imperial College London

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How we help

  • We start with your needs, budget and existing office furniture
  • Design assistance to create a beautiful, productive, space-efficient & sustainable workplace
  • OR to develop a program to refresh/replace worn items
  • Source and remake/refresh furniture
  • Deliver and install
  • Quantify sustainability benefits
  • Guarantee and offer to buy-back your furniture
More about how we help

We are delighted with the new office. Rype Office made it easy for us.

Louan Mouton, Natural Capital Partners

We are very pleased with the design and quality of the office furniture that Rype Office provided.

Samuel McKenney, Imperial College London

Rype Office was able to accommodate in price and delivery.

Julieanne Crawford, RMS Group Services

We are impressed with our new desks. Rype Office ensured that they suit the décor of our new space and meet our needs perfectly.

Katherine Herbert, Urica

Rype Office demonstrated that remanufactured office furniture is a high quality, cost-effective, and easy alternative to new.

Louan Mouton, Natural Capital Partners

We highly recommend the services of Rype Office and shall certainly use them again.

Kate Farmer, Pomona Capital

We are very pleased with the result, at a very competitive price.

Martin Harris, Fundamentals

What an extremely efficient service Rype Office has given us on this project.

Steven Burton, Cardiff Council


We apply 7 layers of quality:

  • Choosing proven brands with timeless aesthetics, long-life components and great ergonomics like Orangebox and Senator
  • Sourcing good condition pieces and materials from top suppliers like Camira, Egger and Kronospan
  • Using the latest precision equipment for flawless finishes
  • Developing new techniques to restore surfaces
  • Applying rigorous processes including testing and inspection
  • Grading to strict A+, A and B standards to meet customer needs and budgets
  • Warranting our parts and workmanship

Our business depends on durable furniture that looks great for a long time; which is what our customers want too. We stand behind our work with a guaranteed buy-back.

See the quality of our remade furniture for yourself:

Remade = Good

£ savings

  • Don’t have to mine, process, shape and transport raw materials from overseas
  • Multiple lives from each piece
  • Match existing furniture no longer in production
More about savings

 More sustainable

  • UK jobs
  • Reduced waste and landfill
  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced imports
  • Improved UK GDP
More about sustainability


  • Resize desks to reduce your floor area
  • Your preferred colours, fabrics, patterns, shapes and sizes
  • Match to existing furniture
  • No more dull filing cabinets
More about bespoke

To remake, we use traditional craftsmanship and modern technology

Not so pretty when we receive them – scratched and scuffed in out-of-date colours

Torn and worn fabric

We use traditional upholstery craftsmanship combined with modern precision equipment

Recoated and reupholstered – ready for another 15 years


2014 RBS Innovation Gateway Award for Business Concept

2014 Innovate UK Innovation Voucher

2015 UK Green Building Council Innovation Matchmaking Commercial Retrofit Finalist

2015 BusinessGreen Technology Awards Highly Commended and Category Runner-up

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Inspiration and Advice (Blog)

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Why designing for humans is important and should create cost savings

About us

We create beautiful, high quality offices at a lower cost, with less environmental impact.

Cost savings come from:

Using high quality unwanted furniture. Just as Airbnb and Uber identified wasted resources (underutilised rooms and vehicles) and made it easy for customers to access them and save, we are accessing unwanted office furniture and helping customers to use it to create wonderful workspaces with big savings.

No middlemen. By selling direct to customers we eliminate margins traditionally paid to wholesalers, retailers and interior designers.

Rype Office follows the principles of the Circular Economy and was created by Lavery/Pennell, consultants and entrepreneurs focussed on unlocking the value offered by more sustainable approaches to business.

We are based in London, serving the UK. In coming years we plan to grow internationally.


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Together we can create attractive offices that are more sustainable and cost less

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